01 Consultancy

Our customers range from children bringing to life their drawings and toys, to animation professionals creating design driven visual effects.
Got an animation or visual effects project? We bring a wealth of professional visual effects experience in addition to our software development abilities. With a particular interest in hand made looking projects and painterly or crafty styles, we are happy to offer assistance from planning to implementation, and possible development of custom tools, to bring your vision to the screen.

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02 Classes

We offer classes and workshops about animating your artwork. Kids can learn to create art projects in a variety of materials, such as drawing, painting, collage and scultpure, and then bring those pieces to life on their iPad. Teachers are welcome to learn more about the possibility of incorporating our technology in their curriculum, and we hope to hear from you – the educators – how to improve our apps.

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03 Custom Animation

Would you like a custom animation made from your child’s artwork? Or your own for that matter? We like to make these for fun and research, to aid us in developing more tools for bringing artwork to life and making animation easier for everyone.

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