Customized Children’s Books

Your kid’s artwork, your kid’s life.

Get a customized book like this for your child! Just answer some questions and send pics of art projects you already have at home. We’ll add our own illustrations to make you a real book, featuring your kid’s life and artwork.

The story can be about anything – My Family, My First Day At School, When I Grow Up, My Dream Adventure… whatever you like!

Get it for yourselves, or as a gift for loved ones for any occasion. Your child will beam with pride holding this in their hands and reading it with you.







Our Story:

Awhile back, for Father’s day, I gathered some physical artwork by my daughter – various projects she’d done at school and at home – and photographed it. We added some digital details to it together, and I talked with her about the things she does with her dad. I added my own simple drawings of her and her dad and we made this book and had it printed. She was so proud! And her dad was so touched. They love reading it together and to this day he says it’s the best present he’s ever gotten.

P.S. Hilariously, when my husband unwrapped the gift, he happened to be wearing the exact same outfit he is wearing in the book!

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