School canceled due to coronavirus concerns? Looking for creative activities for your kids?

Good thing I’m launching some online educational Art and Animation Workshops, using PuppetMaster, the app that lets anyone animate anything. Given all the school closures, I thought it would be nice to offer this for free for a limited number of participants.

We’ll use video conferencing to meet up virtually – both parents and kids – and create fun art projects. We will then animate them with our iPads or iPhones to visually tell our own stories, and we’ll learn in the process! Our projects will utilize simple materials that you already have around the house.

Parents, consider inviting friends so that the kids can virtually see each other and socialize during the workshop.

Educators are also welcome to do our Teacher’s Workshop, to learn how to use PuppetMaster to meet academic standards. You can then take this idea and use it with your students remotely or in person.

Children of all ages can learn art and animation through fun, engaging, project based online classes. All you need is an iPad and simple materials you have around the house.

Pre-recorded Activities
Besides live classes, here’s a fun pre-recorded activity you can access anytime, using simple materials like paper scraps, that should keep your kids busy for at least about 40 minutes.

More activities on our lesson plans page and our YouTube channel.

Classes designed and taught by Michal Finegold, founder of Shmonster.

Michal is a mom and a computer animation industry professional with years of experience in film and television on projects such as The Hobbit, Captain America, Happy Feet Two, and the Geico Cecko. She has teaching experience at institutions such as New York’s School of Visual Arts and has developed and run many in-person workshops for kids.

Michal has always been an arts and crafts enthusiast, practicing and developing techniques in drawing, painting, crafting, sculpture, and all manner of multimedia projects. Her passion for both physical and digital artwork drives her to share these unique activities with kids of all ages.

Inquire Re. Online Workshop

Please let me know some details: Are you a parent or a teacher? How many kids, and at what ages, will you have joining us? Do you have preferred days/times for this? Thanks!

Or just send us an email!