Crafty Fish Tutorial


Hi parents. Would your kids follow along with this tutorial? I’d love if you try and let me know, at one of those times that they need to be occupied and you’re letting them watch YouTube or TV anyway… might as well be something creative. The idea is that they sit down with some materials and actively join in and make their own project while they watch me make mine.

If I can find a way to keep kids engaged and being active and crafty, not just watching, then I can make more of these – for youtube or to bundle in with my apps or both.

I make a crafty fish from an old magazine, and please encourage your kids to make their own in whatever shape and color they want. At the end I bring it to life in the FishyPaint app, but of course you can skip that part.

The tutorial is long, and hopefully keeps them occupied and productive throughout.
If they don’t join in and make their own, I’d love to know what you think I should do to get them to do so…

(I’ve never made a tutorial before, I’m sure it could use improvement, but I thought it was good enough to test out this idea.)

Oh and if they do participate, I’d love it if you share what they made on the Shmonster Facebook page.


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