A Different Sort of Mother’s Day Gift


Mother’s Day is coming up soon, and I’ve already seen teachers looking for Mother’s Day project ideas – so I thought I’d post some thoughts and creative ideas to celebrate our mothers, and the labor of love that is motherhood.

What would you think about making a beautiful animation recreating moments of “things Mommy does for me”? Or “things I love doing with Mum”?

Kids can create a painting or collage of their mom, and animate her with PuppetMaster, showing something she does. Or they can make two puppets, themselves AND their mom, showing them doing something together. It could be an everyday thing, like their mother helping them get ready for school, or reading with them before bed. Or it could be something more specific, like how mom helped them deal with a difficult thing that happened in school, or helped them choose which after school club to join.

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This is especially easy now that we’ve added the ability to scale puppets in PuppetMaster, requested by many of you lovely users. Before beginning your animation, you can pinch or spread two fingers to make the puppet bigger or smaller, which helps make one the mom and one the kid. As always, you can use any background in the app. Perhaps a painting, or keep it simple and just use a photo setting the scene – at home, at an event, maybe just in the car on the way somewhere. Special moments happen everywhere.

We’ve even made a super simple example here with our self portrait craft. You can re-use these instructions for both kid and mom if you like.

And it’s not just kids. We adults could do this too! Why not make this for our own moms? Show them things we remember from childhood, or the ways they are still there for us even now? Plus we can use the grandkids’ artwork and voices and make it a multi-generational gift.

I hope some of you try this, and I’d love to see what you make. Please post and share, hashtag #MadeWithPuppetMaster and #MothersDayChallenge – tag us on Facebook or Instagram or tweet us on Twitter.

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