Building a Community


I’m thinking it’s definitely time to build some sort of proper community around this question:
How can we use an app like PuppetMaster to help kids learn, and have fun at the same time?

I’ve been hearing a lot from users – especially teachers and learning technology coordinators. You guys are teaching me about higher order thinking and bloom’s taxonomy and ISTE standards and SAMR and arts integration and appealing to different learners and so much good stuff…

And I want to get all these great people talking and sharing our ideas. Let’s take advantage of the summer to brainstorm so I can work-work-work and have a bunch of stuff ready for you for the next school year. (Well those of us in the Northern hemisphere. And if you’re having winter now, please go ahead and try this stuff right now in class!)

I hope to learn from this where I should take my apps next. Let’s see what you guys think, what you want and need, and based on that I can make sure I’m building the right things. And let’s pool our ideas to make sure we have a robust educational curriculum that we can all use – teachers with students, home schooling parents, or anybody who feels like adding a bit of formalized learning to the creative play some kid in their life is doing with PuppetMaster or any of our other apps.

What do you say?
Errr, does anybody still comment on blogs? If so, feel free to leave a comment here if you’re interested! Or better yet – shoot me an email!

I’ll start tweeting about this. Disclaimer: I’m not very twitter savvy, but I hear that’s where all the teachers and media specialists hang out, and I figure if we have a good hashtag it’ll enable people who are interested to follow this specific thread. How about – #TeachWithPuppetMaster ?
Errr… please let me now if I’m doing it wrong!
From there I guess I’ll see what the responses are and if you guys want more – like a Facebook group, or a YouTube channel, or a page here in the site dedicated to discussion, or whatever.

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