Building a Teacher Website


7/10/2019 UPDATE: The teacher website was made available last year soon after this post, and is now folded into this website under Education. Hope you like it!


As you know, you can use the PuppetMaster app to teach anything through guided art and animation projects.

Well now I’m planning on building a PuppetMaster Teacher Website where we can #TeachWithPuppetMaster. I’m thinking, you go in and build yourself a curriculum, with lessons on different topics that address different common core standards. I’ve made some rough sketches here of what just one lesson inside a curriculum might look like. And you’ll be able to use the “My Notes” tab there to save your own personalized notes on this lesson – I’m sure you’ll sometimes want to change things up and personalize them to your own needs. I also want to try and let you save student work that you can display at the click of a button.

What do you think? Would you teachers out there like something like this? How about parents? Homeschooling parents especially might like this, no?

Teachers, homeschooling parents, digital learning coordinators, media specialists, or anyone else who’s interested: please give me a shout at if you want to sign up for beta or early bird deals, or if you just have some feedback for me on this. I’ll try and give more updates as I progress.

Also, I’d love to know – how many of you use google drive to store things like student work? Do any of you use other methods? Ideally, I’ll have my website interface with whatever you’re using, and it could be nice to do that with the PuppetMaster app itself as well letting you upload right to your cloud storage from within the app. But FYI – PuppetMaster exports videos to your device Photo Library so even now you can just upload your kids’ PuppetMaster animations from the Photos app to anywhere you want, including your google drive.

Let me know what you think of all this! Thanks 🙂

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