Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch


Ep. 2: 'How Does She Make Money if It's All Free'

This episode features a lot of failed pitches, but there are lessons in every failure.

Posted by Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch on Monday, June 3, 2019

I got the cool opportunity to participate in this show, Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, from Entrepreneur Magazine. (Mine is the first pitch AND I am seen in the opening during the whole season. Ha! Probably due to my “dance moves”.)

I had fun! The investors were very kind and heard me out, and gave encouragement and advice.

The edit does scut out a LOT – e,g. the part where I talk about my qualifications and how they couldn’t easily find somebody who can do what I do – it was part of the conversation; I wasn’t just jumping in with it for no reason to say how awesome I am, though it may seem so in the finished edited show. * blush *
Also a lot of the monetization options were not really included here, it’s not like I have no plan for that. though it may seem so from the finished edit of the episode, but that’s okay. 🙂

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