The Fox and the Grapes – Classroom Project


In one of our workshops, kids learn about fables and where the phrase “sour grapes” comes from, through an arts-and-crafts project that they create and then animate with the PuppetMaster app.
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Kids read the fable and learn where the term “sour grapes” comes from. They use arts and crafts to create a fox character with simple materials, and a background with grapes and leaves. We’ve used mostly paper, and for a seasonal touch, we’ve also used fallen leaves we gathered outside.

* Discuss what fables are and what the moral of this fable is.
* Recall whether they have experienced or observed a “sour grapes” situation in their lives.
* Consider if it’s a good or bad thing to have this attitude and why.
* Each student creates and acts out their own version of the story in a PuppetMaster animation like this, and perhaps also answers some of the above discussion questions in character as the fox.

Below are some tutorials for how I created the elements and the animation.

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